Blockchain enabled accounting system for business efficiency

SimpleVAT accounting integrates the groundbreaking disruptive technology of the decade – Blockchain. This Blockchain accounting system brings effective financial operations. It keeps your books efficiently.  

What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain is a digital record-keeping system that records and distributes assets in different places at the same time. Blockchain can only be updated by consensus between users in the system. Once new data is recorded it can never be removed. 

Blockchain in SimpleVAT Accounting 

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that can record transactions between the two parties efficiently and securely. Hence, instead of keeping separate records, SimpleVAT allows companies can document their transactions in this distributed ledger. This creates an interlocking system of accounting records.

Benefits of Blockchain enabled SimpleVAT Accounting 
  • Automated audit of transactions 
  • Decentralized network – not controlled by a single authority 
  • Distributed ledger with accurate financial information 
  • Compliance with regulatory systems 
  • Efficient bookkeeping 
  • Secure data documentation 

Get all of these benefits integrated to one platform at SimpleVAT. Have a secured auditing!  

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Triple entry system: The next big thing in accounting

Crypto payments are fast, secure and anonymous, they are cheaper to process and hence are widely used by businesses in all areas. Best of all, there is no chance of Chargeback or fraud! We are proud to provide one of best crypto payment…

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Full-fledged accounting features fulfilling your business needs

While our developers are brewing the Accounting Software, let us serve some hot features of our product that will elevate your financing senses. 

We have come up with user-centric features for our accounting software that make your job easier, quicker, and organized. SimpleVAT does not take the edge of the users’ excitement. We offer a myriad of features with our very first launch.

Have a look at some of our exclusive features that manage your books seamlessly.  

accounting features

Customizable Software

Get customized software with premium features as per your business needs. From professional to traditional business, every line has its own way of working. So is the bookkeeping. SimpleVAT enables you to create a bespoke accounting dashboard according to your company requirements. Don’t miss out on this premium feature, go SimpleVAT, and bring the best out of your business. 

Professional Invoicing

Create and track professional invoices for a smooth-running business. Whether it’s a small or large business, loose invoicing can dread everything. SimpleVAT’s easy invoicing system helps you maintain healthy cash flow. Generate multiple statements distinctly for your expense and income. Create and send competent invoices to your customers and track all the lazy payers. 

VAT Compliant

With easy invoicing, your VAT reports are a click away. While handling your business accounting, you must be wondering how to manage your company’s VAT in a simple way. Hakuna Matata! Simplevat automatically generates vat from your invoice transactions. It saves a lot of time. Indulge in your long-forgotten hobbies now as you have ample time. 

Link your Bank

Connect your bank and keep track of your expenses easily. Link your bank account with SimpleVAT and just watch it do the work for you. SimpleVAT goes through every transaction and keeps them updated. Our high-level software helps you to set-up your bank transactions with SimpleVAT account effortlessly. 

Blockchain Accounting

Blockchain empowered accounting system for efficient bookkeeping. We are pioneering the gamechanger Blockchain Technology right into your accounting system. By cryptographically storing your data in the system, we are promising a secure and agile bookkeeping experience. Our blockchain integrated accounting delivers an error-free and automated conduct of business.  

On Premise

Get your data encrypted end-to-end on your desktop securely. SimpleVAT exclusively brings you a choice to go the desktop way. It ensures you 100% security. If you are still looking for ways to manage your data under your own firewalls, we have on-premise feature for you. Manage your data in-house with our unique on-premise provision. 

Triple Entry Accounting

Uncompromised security for your business. Secure, consistent, real-time – Triple-Entry accounting has an edge over previous accounting systems.  We integrate this cutting-edge technology with your business and allows you to take a chill pill. Watch it do wonders for you effortlessly! 

The list does not end here, we are working head-on to develop innovations that make your job easier. Take a tour through our Roadmap to learn about our upcoming features. 

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